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Hannibal Country Club Golf Guidelines:

  • The Golf Professional or the person designated by him is in charge of all course play.
  • All players must register in the Golf Pro Shop prior to play. Resident non-members may play 2 times a year with a sponsoring member. Non-residents are not limited. A non-resident is defined as a person living more than 18 miles from the city limits.
  • Members and Guests must adhere to the USGA Rules of Golf.
  • Proper attire is required. Gentlemen must wear: a collared, turtleneck or mock shirt, sweater, trousers, minimum 15" out seam length short; spike-less golf shoes are appropriate. Ladies bottoms have the same restrictions as the gentlemen's. Ladies sleeveless tops must cover the shoulder cusp entirely. Deep scoop cut tops are not permitted. Jeans, t-shirts, all cut-offs and other excessively casual attire will not be allowed on the course.
  • Golf Etiquette - Follow the local rules and regulations such as: play without delay, leave the putting greens as soon as all players have holed out, allow faster groups through if there is room in front of your group, repair ball marks and divots, rake the smooth sand traps and leave the greens/course in good condition.
  • Pace of Play - Foursomes have the right-of-way over threesomes or fivesomes. Singles and twosomes will play at the pace being set by the other golf groups. Faster groups have the right to play through.
  • Hannibal C.C. Local Rule - Groups waiting to start on any hole other than #1 or not desiring to play the course in its intended order, must get permission from the Pro Shop. Groups completing #9 will have the honor to #1 tee to continue their second nine holes of play over starting groups. IF THE COURSE IS BUSY, the Golf Professional may work other groups onto the course at #1 tee to avoid a lengthy delay. Groups teeing off #2 must check the #4 green first and allow players on #4 green to clear the putting surface before starting to play.

Golf Club Rules:

  • Keep golf carts at least 30 feet from the greens.
  • Observe signs and roped areas.
  • Repair your ball mark on the green plus one more.
  • Do not drive carts between the sand traps and greens.
  • All beverages must be purchased from the Hannibal Country Club.

Cart Parking Instructions:

Hole #1 - Use either side of the green.
Hole #2 - Use either side or back of green.
Hole #3 - Use cart path to the right and back of the green.
Hole #4 - Park cart on the path next to #5 tee. CARTS ARE NOT PERMITTED IN FRONT OF #4 GREEN OR TO THE LEFT OF #5 TEE.
Hole #5 - In front or defer to the cart path next to #6 tee. Do not go behind #5 green with cart.
Hole #6 - To the right side of the green and use the cart path behind the green that leads to the club house. DO NOT GO LEFT IN FRONT OF THE GREEN TO THE PRO SHOP ON THE CART PATH TO #1 TEE BLOCK.
Hole #7 - Keep to the right side of the big tree on the cart path and remain on the path. Do not attempt to go down the hillside.
Hole #8 - Stay to the right side of the green or go to the back of the green.
Hole #9 Stay to the right side of the green. DO NOT GO BETWEEN MEN'S #7 TEE AND THE LADIES' TEE.

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