"Proudly serving members since 1903"



Cocktail Shrimp- $12
6 Jumbo cocktail shrimp served over ice

Bruschetta- $8
Roma tomatoes, mozzarella, basil, sliced French bread (add crab & artichoke $5)

Fried Green Beans- $10

Onion Rings- $9
Beer battered, ancho chipotle sauce

Loaded Nachos- $12
Grilled chicken, jalapenos, onion, tomato, cheddar jack

Portabella Spears- $12
Thick cut portabella, battered, breaded, and fried to order

Wings- $12
7 bone-in wings. BBQ, buffalo, parmesan garlic, or naked

Catfish Bites- $12
Hand breaded slices of fresh catfish

Mozzarella Sticks- $11

Garlic Cheese Bites - $9

Salads - Ranch, Blue Cheese, Italian, Caesar, Balsamic, French

House- $10
Romaine, red onion, tomato, feta
(add chicken $3)

Wedge Salad- $12
Iceburg lettuce, bacon, cheese, egg, onion, blue cheese, tomato

Chicken Caesar- $13
Grilled chicken breast, romaine, asiago, crouton, Caesar

Cobb- $14
Smoked turkey, thick cut Applewood smoked bacon, egg, romaine, cheddar, 
tomato, onion

Burgers Choice of side fries, onion rings, house salad, or Caesar.

American- $16
Ground chuck, sharp cheddar, lettuce, 
tomato, onion, pickle, mayo, mustard
(add bacon $3)

Western- $17
Ground chuck, thick cut Applewood smoked bacon, sharp cheddar, fried jalapenos, onion, bbq

Swiss Cheese Mushroom- $16
Ground chuck, sauteed portabellas and 
onions, swiss

Sandwiches-  choice of side house salad, Caesar salad, or fries.

Turkey Bacon Club- $15
Smoked turkey breast, thick cut Applewood smoked bacon, cheddar, romaine, tomato, onion

Pesto Chicken- $16
6 oz. grilled chicken breast, sharp cheddar, romaine, pickled onion, tomato, basil pesto, on Italian panini

Caprese- $13
Roma tomato, basil pesto, and fresh 
mozzarella on a toasted Italian panini
(add chicken $4)

Pork Tenderloin- $15
Tenderized pork, grilled or fried


Southwest Chicken Wrap- $14
Cajun grilled chicken, romaine, pickled 
onion, corn, ranch

Chicken Ceasar- $13
Grilled chicken breast, asiago, caesar

Buffalo Chicken- $13
Breaded chicken tenders tossed in buffalo sauce, ranch, romaine, tomato, asiago cheese


Pizza - 16" pizza with homemade dough

Filet Philly- $21
Filet mignon, portabella, red onion, bell 
pepper, asiago cream sauce, provel, 
crushed red pepper

Pesto- $19
Blackened chicken, red onion, cream cheese basil pesto, provel, crushed red pepper

Sicilian- $19
Sliced Italian sausage links, sauteed bell 
peppers and onions, provel, house red sauce

Margarita- $17
Roma tomato, basil, provel, asiago, house
red sauce


Chicken Penne Alfredo- $17
Sauteed chicken with penne pasta tossed in an asiago cream reduction (sub shrimp $3)

Blackened Pesto Chicken- $19
Blackened chicken over a bead of penne pasta tossed in a pesto cream sauce with 
red onion (sub shrimp $3)

Diablo- $17
Italian sausage, sauteed peppers and onions in a creamy marinara over penne 
(sub shrimp $3)

Chicken Cordon Blue- $17
Breaded chicken breast smothered in ham and swiss cheese

Entrees - include potato of the day and vegetable of the day.

Jumbo Breaded Shrimp- $19
6 Hand breaded white jumbo shrimp served with house made 
cocktail sauce

Marsala- $22/$26
Sauteed chicken or wild caught Atlantic salmon in a marsala 
cream reduction with cremini mushrooms and red onion

Pan Seared Grouper- $37
Wild caught grouper, sauteed with red onion and 
tomato, basted in a balsamic brown butter reduction

Filet Mignon- $39
Grilled 8 oz. Angus filet, grilled to your desired temperature
(add portabella brandy cream reduction)

16 oz. Ribeye $36
Grilled to your desired temperature

Pork Ribeye- $19
Boneless pork grilled to perfection


Double Fudge Brownie- $7
Served with vanilla ice cream